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Commissions to help with medical problems *update*
Considering it's been couple weeks since I made this post, wanted to give an update to those who may have been wondering what's going on. 
Had the appointment and my doctor said the pockets found was nothing more then gas build up. Which sounds, odd... to say the least but was a sigh of relief for me. My doctor did however find something out that we think may be the leading cause to all my issues (my calcium has been really low these past weeks as well as my heart rate Been between 95/66 or 82/54). 
The samples they got from me (blood, etc.) showed my hormones are a little off but I'm not eggo preggo. So had another ultrasound done of my reproductive organs and couple days ago doctor called again saying my right ovary isn't getting enough blood to it and something seems to be blocking it. Which oddly, is a relief in it self to me honestly. Some of you may get little shocked over this but back in 2008 I was pregnant for a few months till
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He increased his pace, striding swiftly through the recently-repaired glass door. The girl at the desk was his familiar; Hayden jumped to her feet, shock and fear written clearly on her pale face. "Scott-- Scott, I thought you were dead." He shook his head.
"I don't have time to chat. Where's Aly?" She pointed, and at the same time there was a loud, dull thud-- the sound of a body hitting the floor. Scott's eyes met the eyes of Hayden, and there was something else there: a nameless guilt. He ran.
The first thing he noted, due to his hardened instincts, was the blood. Blood everywhere: on the bed, on the floor, on the wall. The second thing he noted, due to his weakened heart, was the girl, thrown carelessly on the floor, one leg still laying against the bed, the other curled awkwardly beneath her, arms splayed out to the sides. Her bandages had been torn, and both of her burning, golden eyes were fixed on the door. Some of her life's blood was still leaving her body by means of her sof
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David Thomas Cook
United States
Yea... I'm glad you're out of my life. I really am. Just a random thought.


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